Survival Cabins

Discover how to COMPLETELY PROTECT YOUR FAMILY in case of a National or Natural Disaster!

Unlike others, we offer you the complete package – a place to shield your family until the danger passes…and everything else you need as well.

survival cabins

It’s a Bullet Resistant, Break-In Resistant, Vandalism Resistant, Radiation Resistant customized survival cabin on your own land, or on ours, stocked with a 1 year supply of food, water and all the other necessities. The 20 foot long survival cabin sleeps a family of 4 and comes equipped with a One Year Survival Kit for four people. The 40 foot long model is ordinarily set up to sleep eight people, but could easily sleep even more. It comes equipped with a One-Year Survival Kit designed to meet the basic needs of eight to ten people. Container cabins can consist of several of these 20 or 40 foot long containers permanently attached together to create one large survival cabin.

Your loved ones can survive what others cannot because they not only have a safe place to live until the danger passes, but all their basic needs are taken care of. You won’t be the one begging at your neighbors’ doors for food and shelter for your family because it’s you who planned ahead this time. Now your family is taken care of so you can focus on helping the others who are less fortunate – the ones who didn’t plan ahead.

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Delivery is available anywhere in the continental United States that an 18 wheeler can safely travel. We can drop them at the nearest airport to be transported by a cargo helicopter to locations inaccessible by truck.

Your container survival cabin is made from heavy gauge steel, originally used as a shipping container on ocean bound vessels. We’ve customized these extreme duty shipping containers to create a safe, secure environment for you. Spray foam insulation in the top and sides keeps out the heat and cold like a Thermos bottle. We’ve built in heavy duty steel bed frames and provided brand new mattresses, still in the original plastic wrappers. A heavy duty steel framed entry door resists break-ins while high mounted windows offer light without significantly compromising security.

We went all out for your family’s benefit, providing a fully customizable package that includes some or all of the following:

Survival Supplies



Immediate needs

Future needs









Early Bird Pre-order pricing starts at $14,995 for the 20 foot long cabins with the basic 1 year survival package. We can deliver anywhere in the continental United States. We are still finishing putting together these survival packages and setting up our production facilities. Your input at this early stage would be greatly appreciated. Quantities will be limited by our production capacity. First come, first served.

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Please contact us with any kind of inquires or for more pricing information at
or Call 888-839-0512.